10 January 2011

New Year New Goals…. (SoloRunner)

I have been off the grid not so much running just these pages. It seems that my running took a back seat to the changes that were happening in my life and now that they have settled down I can put the focus back in to what I love running...I read some of my old post and reflected on why I was running at one point it was to get away from the part of my life that was not working. I found I could run and never had to think about what was not working. I also realized that my running friends are so important to have in my life, there is no greater frind then the ones you run with. They know better than anyone what a bad run feels like, the anxiety of not being able to run and the victory of a good run… I am very lucky to have found so many running friends. In the past 6 month I have met many new running friends who have given me new goals to set forth for myself… First on my list is to get back to running half marathons a distance I truly love, so the goal is to run one each month (even if it is not a race)... Next is to run a 50k, now if you read back to May of 09 you will see I said I may never run a marathon again...So what am I thinking? Like I said new friends new goals and it’s not a marathon, so I keep telling myself that. I am up for the challenge and part of me hopes this will help me get past the fear of a marathon. Makes no sense I know but since when has running a marathon made sense we all are a little crazy…. I will be training for some triathlons and maybe even toss in a Half Ironman if all goes well... Over all the entire goal is just to have fun…. Thanks for reading

Now Go Out and Run!

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