12 September 2010

10K Pints to Pasta

It's my first time to run Pints to Pasta this year and I am running it with my girlfriend, and she ran it a few times.  Her goal this time is to run 10:00 pace.  I ran 10 miles and hiked 5 miles yesterday so 10:00 pace is just about right.  Hubby's goal is to finish under 50 minutes.

It was in the low 50s and sunny when we were transported from Spaghetti Factory (which is the finish line) to the start line at adidas headquarters. I love being at the start line because I can feel the joy and excitement of all the runners and walkers around me.

start line

pre-race pic (L-R): my gf - me - my gf's gf - my gf's gf's gf

This part of the course is about past mile 23 of the Portland Marathon route.  I told my girlfriend, "How come it's much easier to run this part today than during the Portland Marathon?"  We both laughed.
under interstate bridge - past mile 1

I love downtown Portland.  Not too big, not too small.  Just perfect.
view of downtown PDX from Broadway Bridge - 2.5 miles

Seeing the banners up along the Waterfront are treat to me!  I look forward to running Portland Marathon.  It will be my 5th consecutive year to run it, and hubby too.  My goal for the Portland Marathon is to run 10:00 pace comfortably.
Portland Marathon banners are up along Waterfront - just past 4 miles

view of the finish line

well-organized drop bags

line to the beer garden

pints but no pasta. the pasta line was looooong.


post-race pics with the girls

post-race pic with my girlfriend, hubby

My girlfriend and I crossed the finish line together and accomplished my girlfriend's goal. We finished in 1:00:30.  Hubby also accomplished his goal and finished in 47:35.  Today was a great day!


  1. Very nice blog you have.
    I should run in your area 1 day. Regards
    Raul Patrick Concepcion

  2. Beer and Pasta...what's not to like?

  3. Nice race, it seems very succesfull. I can see it to the participants. Great pictures too.

  4. congrats for a successful race...keep it up!

  5. congratulations on your achievements and posting your efforts to inspire us all… you are doing such great things for yourself and others! hopefully I can start running marathons soon because my elliptical trainer has not only allowed me to running longer distances, I have lost 30 pounds!!!!!