02 October 2009

There's Something About PDX Mary!

This year will be my fourth consecutive year to run Portland Marathon. I think, there’s something about PDX Mary that I PR’d every time I run it.... well... so far.

In 2006, it was my first year to run it and happens to be my first marathon. I don’t remember hitting the wall but I remember mile 21 when my gluteus maximus (aka buttocks) cramped and it was a struggle from there all the way to the finish line. I finished at 5:45:39.

In 2007, I followed the same training as I did in 2006 incorporating some speed workout. This year was worst than 2006 because my IT bands started to bother me at mile 18 and, of course, it was a struggle from there to the finish line. Despite the misery I felt for the remaining of the run and to my surprise, I PR’d and finished at 5:31:40.

Last year, I caught a bad cold and headache three days before the race. While treating my cold and headache vigorously, I also told myself, “Come hell or high water, I’ll finish that race.” I ran with a little bit of cold but ran conservatively and I finished at 5:03:41.

In May this year, I ran the Newport Marathon and finished at 5:05:14 so, I did not PR.

May be PDX Mary will be nice to me this year and let me PR again. We'll see...

Run on friends!