16 November 2009

Dirdy Birdy 2009

Dirdy Birdy is Portland’s muddiest 5K run held at the Portland International Raceway. Watch the video and see how fun it was! Make sure you participate next year!

Thanks to Celia of Road Runners Sports for the awesome photos.

02 October 2009

There's Something About PDX Mary!

This year will be my fourth consecutive year to run Portland Marathon. I think, there’s something about PDX Mary that I PR’d every time I run it.... well... so far.

In 2006, it was my first year to run it and happens to be my first marathon. I don’t remember hitting the wall but I remember mile 21 when my gluteus maximus (aka buttocks) cramped and it was a struggle from there all the way to the finish line. I finished at 5:45:39.

In 2007, I followed the same training as I did in 2006 incorporating some speed workout. This year was worst than 2006 because my IT bands started to bother me at mile 18 and, of course, it was a struggle from there to the finish line. Despite the misery I felt for the remaining of the run and to my surprise, I PR’d and finished at 5:31:40.

Last year, I caught a bad cold and headache three days before the race. While treating my cold and headache vigorously, I also told myself, “Come hell or high water, I’ll finish that race.” I ran with a little bit of cold but ran conservatively and I finished at 5:03:41.

In May this year, I ran the Newport Marathon and finished at 5:05:14 so, I did not PR.

May be PDX Mary will be nice to me this year and let me PR again. We'll see...

Run on friends!

03 September 2009

Hood to Coast Report: Swift Justice

Hood to Coast is my most favorite race event of all time. I describe it as a slumber party without the slumber. It’s my 4th year to run with hubby's team Swift Justice and the team has been running HTC for more than 15 years.

I’ve always ran with Van 2 and this year my assigned legs were the same as last year’s: 7, 19, 31. Even though I ran these legs last year, I still got a bit surprised on how hilly the first two legs than what I remembered them to be. Me---no---like-y---hilly.

First Leg (7): I started running my first leg around 12:30 p.m. It was HOT like hell! I felt really good and nervous at the same time but my run went well. One of the two things I remember during this run was this 5 year-old-girl with her mom filling dixie cups with water and handing them to runners. Even though I have my own hydration bottle, I took one cup from the girl and she asked, "Do you want a refill?" I told her, "No, sweetie but thank you for asking." I thought that was very thoughtful and nice. The other one was the sprinklers were directed toward the road for the runners. Running briefly through the sprinklers was refreshing! I don't mind having my personal sprinkler guy running with me at that time. =P

It was around 6:30 p.m. by the time we finished running our first legs. We went to our place to shower, eat, and chillax and wait until we get a call from Van 1 to tell us it’s time for us to leave. Well, we didn’t receive the call until 9:30 p.m. so, we were late at the exchange point.

Second Leg (19): Since we left our place a little late, I was 12 minutes late from the hand-off. Ugggh!!! It’s the worst thing to be late at the exchange point. It was around 10:30 p.m. by the time I started running. I thought it coolish enough that I wore my light long sleeved shirt... bad idea. I flagged my van & quickly changed to a tank top. I was truly sweating like a pig! I felt really good before, during and after the run. It was probably around 3:30 a.m. by the time we finished our second legs, so we head down to the next exchange point and rested there.

Third Leg (31): After my 2nd leg, I ate a little too much of salt & vinegar flavored potato chips... another bad idea. My stomach got upset and I was dry heaving. I told my friend, I don't want to run my 3rd leg. I had a few bites of bagel and water to settle my stomach. It was 9:30 a.m. by the time I started running my last leg. It was drizzling heavily (not quite a rain) during my run and I just loved it! As it turned out, it was my best leg!

My total mileage at the end of the day was 15.54 and total time was 2:38. I got another HTC medal to add to my bling collection plus a neon shirt that's so bright that I can easily be spotted through Google earth. Swift Justice placed 227 out of 313 in the Mixed Corporate Open and finished in 30:17:33.

21 June 2009

First Triathlon

Marathoners to Triathletes……

On June 13th my good friend @meecheele and I added a bike, and swim to our run. We thought it would be fun to try out the sport we have heard so much about. I thought I would share this video with you and let the pictures tell the story. Special Thanks go to my friend Nancy who with out her talent these pictures would not be possible. Thank you to my friend Cathy for always believing in me. I also want to Thank two special ladies @Erin337 (http://www.elementsoferin337.blogspot.com/) and
@kelownagurl(http://kelownagurl.blogspot.com)for there knowledge, encouragement and always willing to answer my questions and of course my friend @meecheele. With out all of you I may still be wondering if I could do a triathlon.

1:48:13 3 0:14:11 87 6:12 0:49:52 76 5:05 84 0:32:53 53


Now Go Out and Do A Tri!

03 June 2009

Newport Report (by meechellee)

After months of training with my friends, the day has come. Saturday, May 30th, Newport, Oregon. The race started at 7:00 a.m. It was 55° and foggy. I was wearing a short sleeves shirt under a long sleeves shirt and long tights under short tights. While the rest of my girlfriends, including @SoloRunner looked half-naked compared to what I was wearing. I don’t like to start running feeling cold that’s why I bundle up. It only took me about a mile when I handed over my long sleeves shirt to my husband* because I was warm already. The first three miles, of course, was fun because the adrenaline rush was still there. I was running a decent 10± all the way to mile 9. By that time, the sun was shining so bright. We ran along the bay and even though it was a little breezy, it wasn’t enough to beat the sun’s rays. I was feeling really hot come mile 10, so I had to stop at a porta potty to take off my long tights. I was the second person in line and the gal who was inside the porta potty was in there for 3 minutes! So, by the time I was done, I lost a total of 5 minutes. Some of you are probably thinking, “You should have gone to the next porta potty.” Well, the porta potties were 2 or 3 miles apart. In any event, I clocked in 2:15 at mile 13 and started to feel and more and more tired and hot, so I slowed down. By the time I got to mile 16 which was the turnaround point, I got all excited, and told myself, “Only 10 more miles.” Yeah, right. My excitement didn’t give me any boost at all because at that point I was wading. I was really tired and miserable. Though not too long after the turnaround point, I was pleased to see @SoloRunner, Kathy, and Nancy again making their way to the turnaround point. I kept going and slowly passed mile marker after mile marker. I stopped a few times to stretch my legs and just to catch my breath. At mile 22, I wanted to cry so badly because I was so tired and miserable. It almost felt like I wanted to have tantrums. There wasn’t much I could do at that point so I told myself, "Just deal with it." I kept reminding myself that the finish line is getting closer. I continued on and just past 25 mile marker, I saw my friend’s husband who told me that my husband was just behind him. Sure enough, there was my hero! I saw my husband. That was the second time I wanted to cry because I was so happy to see him. My husband cheered me on and told me that after we pass 26 mile marker, everything is all downhill. And sure it was! Downhill all the way to the finish line. Whew! I survived!

Out of 800 runners who registered, 711 finished and I was one of them. I finished at 5:05:14. No PR this time but I was happy to be 2 minutes slower than my last marathon given how I felt during the race.

After the race, I asked my friends if they are going to do another marathon again. A couple of my friends including @SoloRunner’s response were, “I’m done.” I told them that I’ll check on them in a couple of weeks. I’m pretty sure they’ll change their minds. And my response to that question is, "Hell, yeah! "

My husband was supposed to run this race but he broke his foot in early March and his doctor told him that the next marathon he’s going to run is not until Fall.

The agony of defeat………

My body is feeling really good after my marathon on Sat, but my ego not so much. Maybe it’s the day maybe it’s the fact that it’s over and I have told myself that I have officialy retired from doing any more marathons. This was an especially tough marathon for me, because I really wanted it. I wanted to prove to myself that I have what people have told me – that I could run a 5 hour marathon and even a sub 4 marathon, but it did not happen. I ran a 5:31. As I recap my training - how great my long runs felt, the perfect half’s I ran,, it makes me wonder what the hell happened? My 21 mile training run was awesome, so what happened? The weather was perfect! My mind set was a bit off, but nothing I could not over come. As I started out I was feeling good, keeping in mind that I did not have my HR strap on because I forgot it at home and now I need to run by how I felt. No problem. I can do it. As the miles came up they seemed to fly by and I was keeping pace with what I had to do to own the second half of my race. Working my way to mile seven I realized I am a better runner when I am alone. When I run with someone I know I tend to focus on their needs and not mine. Am I running to fast? Am I running to slow? Am I holding them back? So for the next few miles I played cat and mouse with people including my friend. I just was not feeling the run so I needed to snap out of it. I took a back seat and kept several steps behind my friend working myself into my zone. By now I can feel it, the miles are coming up and I see the first place runner coming towards me and I feel the excitement now more and more people making it feel like I am not alone and I can own my race. I still have some time to get to mile fifteen and the turn around, but I know it’s coming up and I know I will be able to pick up the pace. As I came to mile 13 and caught up with my friend who I could tell was really starting to slow down, I asked how she was doing. She told me she was not well and really needed my help. I was so surprised by those words. I asked her what she needed me to do and she said she did not think she could make it. I told her I would run with her and help her through it. We started a run walk and as we approached mile 15 and the turn around she was really having trouble staying focused on what we needed to do. I reminded her that she has run many marathons and the way to get through this was to focus on each step, find something to focus on running to and don’t lose sight of it. We started picking off trees, signs, and people- whatever it took. We walked up inclines and ran down hills. We did what ever it took to get her on track. At mile 18 I checked in and asked how she was doing. She said she was fine and I asked if I could run a head. I took off knowing I needed to make up time if I wanted to at least hit a 5:30 time. I started picking people off, mostly walkers and slow runners, never the less it was a motivation for me. It was a great feeling to be running again and as I passed people they cheered me on and sent me off to catch the next person. I was feeling good and I knew I could save this marathon. When I got to mile nineteen I saw another friend who was eating oysters (Yes they had oysters on the course!) I also saw my friend’s husband and he was running to find her and I knew she was going to be fine. I went on, but started to feel a few blisters forming on my toes. At the next station, I stopped to put band-aids on my toes. I took off and concentrated on the task at hand. When I got to about mile 23 I could feel some cramping in my leg and the top of my left foot was hurting as if my shoe was too tight so I stopped and loosened it but it did not help. I was really starting to feel the pain and looked at my watch and new I had to keep going if I wanted to PR even if only a one minute PR. I pushed through the pain and reminded myself that this is a PR course, but at some points the pain was beyond what I could ignore. As I approached mile twenty-five I was done! My motivation was gone and I had nothing left, I knew I was not going to PR and would not even come close to my last marathon time. I really needed someone to remind me of what I was doing this for and to help me get up the hill. I was feeling sorry for myself and I did not want to walk in my last mile. I grabbed my phone and called one of my best friends and I was so happy to hear his voice. I knew he would get me up that hill and I knew he could relate to how I was feeling. Holding back my tears and trying to tell him what was wrong he reminded me that I could do this and if I had to walk in there was nothing wrong with that. He reminded me that I was not a quitter and that I needed to get control of my breathing and get up that hill even if I had to walk. His final two words to me were Just Finish! I hung up the phone and started up the hill, when I reach the top, I had another surprise waiting for me. My friend Michelle’s husband was there to cheer me on and take pictures of my finish. I was able to put a smile on my face and run down the hill to find Michelle waiting and cheering me on. Some might read this and think I am just feeling sorry for myself or having a pity party and I am, but I think I have earned it. As I write this I still don’t know what went wrong but what I do know is that if my friends ask me to run another marathon with them, I just might. Thanks for reading.

Now go out and RUN!

23 March 2009

Health is Wealth (by Meechellee)

"Health is wealth." I won first prize with this quote in the slogan contest during the World Health Organization day at my school when I was in fourth grade. I won a box of chocolates! Let me get this straight first, I am not one of those few students whose homework or school projects are all done during the weekend. This is me while having breakfast in the morning, a few hours before the slogan contest, "Mom!!! It's my school's World Health Organization day today, and I need to slogan that has something to do with health!" My mom responded in a very irritated tone, "Health is wealth!" My mom was a teacher but she taught at a different school (thank goodness!). I went home with a box of chocolates and told my mom I had won the first prize of the slogan contest, but I also asked her, "Why can health be wealth?" To the best of my recollection, my mom intuitively responded, "How can you enjoy the things you like to do if you're sick? Even if you have all the money in the world, money can't buy you good health. So, take care of your body because health is wealth." Indeed.

If health is wealth, I am so broke right now because it has been nine days since I last ran during a cold, windy, rainy Shamrock race. No doubt it was the bad weather that got me. I've been lying in bed most of the time since Friday afternoon, and it's ironic to say that it is tiring not doing anything. Though I have to admit that I did enjoy not doing anything but it only lasted for a day. After that, it has been a struggle, or shall I say, stressful. I start to worry about my training because I missed last week's 18-mile run, and I don't think running 21 miles this weekend will do me any good. As I continue to stress about my training, I had to remind myself that the most important thing I have to focus on is to become 100% healthy, and the rest will follow.

So for the time being, I mesmerize all the days I ran miles and miles on pavements, trails, and treadmills... swam meters and meters in the pool... and, of course, all the food that I ate and ate. And the more I think about those things, I feel this revitalizing energy within me which is a good sign. A sign that I'll have my wealth back again...

So run on!

18 March 2009

Luck of the Irish! (by Meechellee)

I woke up in the morning with a hope that the rain has stopped. It didn’t. It’s not only the sound of the raindrops I heard, but also the sound of the wind gushing. I told myself, “Great, this is going to be a wet and windy race.” Hubby and I were slow getting ourselves out the door so, it was 8:05 a.m. by the time we approached the intersection of Naito Parkway. We made a mistake when we took the City Center exit, rather than taking the 12th Avenue exit from I-405 to avoid the traffic. We just realized that mistake when we saw cars piling up. I told hubby that I’ll just get off the car, and just meet me and a couple of our friends outside my office building. My hubby’s office building is just two blocks from mine. It was 8:20 a.m. by the time I met our friends and at the same time got a call from hubby saying that we should just go ahead because he was caught in a big traffic snafu. The race will start at 8:40 a.m. and listening to the tone of my hubby’s voice, I don’t think he’ll make it in time to the start line. I called hubby again and told him that I’ll wait for him and we’ll start with the 8K runners. Hubby insisted that I should just go, so I did.

It was raining, windy, and in the low 40’s. I was wearing a cap, red ear warmers, running gloves, two long sleeves, and a pink raincoat. This is my first time to run the 15K. The route is primarily along Naito Parkway, Terwilliger Blvd., and Barbur Blvd. I know the hills that Terwilliger Blvd. offers because this is one of Portland Fit’s 13-mile routes.

As I crossed the start line, I navigated my way passing other runners. There was an older guy who was doing a power-walk, and he was cooking! I have been passed by a power walker during a marathon but not this time. So, I graciously passed the power-walker. As I continued on, I saw the first mile marker. My watch showed 9:58. Just a couple of blocks from the first mile marker we turned right on Broadway, and that’s when the hill began. I never liked running hills but as long as I concentrate on my posture and breathing, I’ll conquer this hill.

Every race, I try to pick someone from the crowd who will be my pace person, and just a few steps ahead of me was an older guy who was running a very comfortable pace---I found my pace person! As I continue to ascend to Terwilliger Blvd., I passed mile marker 3. My watch showed 33:00. A few moments later, my cell rang and it was my hubby. He just wanted to tell me that he finally crossed the start line. I explained to him to stay on Broadway, and continue on to Terwilliger then I hung up. I was happy to know that he was on his way. As I continued on, I passed mile marker 4. My watch showed 43:15. It was still raining, windy, and cold. Not far ahead, I heard an Irish music playing in front of the Chart restaurant. I got so excited because I knew that it’s pretty much downhill from there. As my excitement pushed me through the remainder of the hill, I lost my pace person because he started to walk. I wished him good luck, and navigated my way through other runners. As I continued on, there was this younger gal that I started playing leap frogs. She passed me, I passed, she passed me again, and then I took off and lost her for a little while. I continued on and passed the intersection of the Pacific Hillsdale Hwy, and continued on down Barbur Blvd. I was amazed how windy it was because even though I was going downhill, the wind was very resisting that I had lean forward so that my weight will help me fight the resisting wind. As I continued to navigate my way through runners, the gal I played leap frogs a while ago came zooming and passed me. I told myself, “Oh well…” As I continued on, I passed mile marker 6. My watch showed 1:03:30. I told myself, “I only have 3.3 miles left, and that’s just another 30 minutes.” Barbur Blvd. was flat plus the wind behind me; I felt I was making up time from all the hill work. I passed mile marker 7… mile marker 8… and guess who I saw? It was the gal I played leap frogs! And this time, I zoom passed her. I hesitated looking at my watch instead I just concentrated on my running posture and breathing. When I saw the finish line banner about less than half-mile, I started to run almost sprinting, but I can feel my heart working so hard, so I slowed down a little bit. As I continued on, I unzipped my raincoat so that the photographer will get photos of me. And then… YES!!! I crossed the finish line! My very reliable watch showed: 1:33:30. The official time was 1:33:29. It’s a new PR for me! I ran the last 3.3 miles in 30 minutes! After I crossed the finish line, I ran along Naito Parkway, watched runners go to the finishers chute, I saw my hubby. He saw me and gestured we’ll meet at the finish line. Well, I ran again to the finishers chute, and I’m pretty sure I have multiple finishers’ photos.

After the race, my in-laws treated us for brunch. I had a hefty brunch: 2 cups of coffee, 3 strips of bacon, an omelet, a pancake swimming in syrup, a slice of sourdough with strawberry jam. Well, my eating is a different blog.

By the way, my hubby crossed the start line 24 minutes after I did. He ran with the 8K runners so he was the only one running up Broadway, while all the runners were turning left. He finally caught up with the last runner on the course at mile marker 3.

10 March 2009

Real Runner's Shoes Don't Stay White

(by SoloRunner)

Saturday started out as any typical morning with the exception of the weather. The threat of snow, I just did not want to get out of bed. I had plans to check in with my running partner at 8:00 a.m. and we would make the decision when to run. We finally met up at about 11:00 a.m. or so. We were slated to run 11 miles but she was convinced that it was not enough and we needed to do 15 miles. I was feeling good so I say to myself, “Why not?” I got all my weekly runs in so I agreed on one condition, we run up the Wild Wood trail—one of my favorites.

The first mile or so is a bad ass hill that gets me every time. I have had my challenges with and it has taken me down a time or two, but I keep coming back. My friend said she was game. I told her that it was going to be muddy. She asked how muddy, because she did not want to get her shoes dirty. With thoughts of—are you freaking kidding me about to fly out of my mouth—I just said let’s go. We started up the hill dodging the mud that if you stuck your foot in it, you could lose your shoe, it was great! As we made our way up, I took a glance back and my friend was not keeping up. She was dodging every ounce of mud she could. I waited at the next turn and when she finally caught up with me, I said with a big grin, “So, isn’t this great?!” Her reply was, “I am not really enjoying myself and I don’t think we will be on speaking terms after this.” I said, “Oh, you’ll get over it.” I took off and back to the hill. A little further down the road, I checked in again. I told her that we could turn back, and she seems to be a little happier with what I said. But, true friend she is, she sucked it up and said no. As we approached another turn the mud was so bad that I ran as close to the edge as I could. That was a big mistake because the next thing I knew, I was down. Dang that pot hole! I stopped and fell to my knees and hit the ground, and I feel pain. I thought, “Ok, just give me a minute and let me see how it really feels.” My friend asked what I wanted to do. I said, “Let me walk and see what happens.” The first few steps hurt, but after I checked that there is no swelling, I walked a bit more and worked up to a light jog. The pain was not that bad so I said let’s go. We contented our run with some pain, but like my brothers use to say, “If you’re going to play with the big boy, no cry babies!” I know crazy or stupid same difference. As we made our way to clearing a dog owner, her three misbehaved dogs approached us. One with full force almost knocking my friend down, I yelled to the woman to get her dog under control and her reply was, “Which one?” Are you freaking kidding me? Some people should not own a dog, let alone three. We decided to take a shortcut back down to the main trail. I had to walk down the steep hill that I would have loved to run down. When we arrived at the main trail, we followed it to the end of the line so when we came back to it that would complete 15 miles. It was still turning out to be a good run even with the pain. We also lucked out with very little snow/ice coming down on us. We started back down for another 7 miles and I could only hear my music and my thoughts that kept me focused. I am not a talker on my runs so it really helped that my friend did find the need to speak. In spite of it all, I really did have a good run. I DO think my friend really enjoyed herself even if she got her white shoes all muddy (now, she is a real runner!).

I went home and had to wrap and ice, and headed to acupuncture on Monday. Hope to be back on the road Tuesday. Thanks for reading.

Now go out and RUN!

06 March 2009

Going Home

(by SoloRunner)

Another week of inconsistent running. I did get out and run, however the amount of running and planning for a 15 mile run was not enough. My 105 year old grandmother passed away this past week and so before I knew it I was on a plane heading home. I was dreading the events that were to come because I had not seen some of my family since my dad died almost two years ago and now we would be back together again. As we all gathered to celebrate her life, I was reminded of what an incredible woman she was and how she played a large part in influencing who I am. I will miss her dearly, but I am comforted by those familiar words: “the best gift someone can leave you is the memories you create with them.” I also took this time to clear my head about the direction my life is going. My brother drove me to Santa Cruz, a place I truly love and where I have so many great memories. I lived there for 10 years and before my kids came along, it was the best 10 years of my life. Being back seeing old friends and hanging at the beach is so magical for me. When I got to Santa Cruz, I dropped my bags off at the hotel and took off for a run. I was so excited to see the place I loved so much! I ran down that old familiar road and memories of days spent on that beach rushed to me like waves coming on shore. It was a beautiful day. Friday came along and I started to contemplate running my 15 miles and I thought of every reason not to run. I decided to take a walk down to Capitola and thought about all the reasons I should wait. The first thought that came to mind in support of why I should run: I already told my twitter friends I would be running 15 on Saturday! I also thought about my friends in Oregon who would be doing their long runs. Friday night I still did not have a plan. Saturday morning came and I woke up and it hit me. So I headed out and before I knew it I was at the beach and I could feel that feeling of the old days when I was back then a Solorunner. Lots of other runners were on the road. At about 1.5 miles, I came up to east cliff where a lot of surfers catch their waves. As I got to mile 3, I encountered a group of cyclists and as I ran by they smiled and went on their way. I then saw my old stomping grounds: Crows Nest, Sea Bright brewery and the boardwalk. I ran down the old train tracks and up towards the roller coaster. I soon found myself at mile 6 and I could see the place I use to live and started up the hill to run along the coast line and remembered that Lance Armstrong was just here. At mile 7.5 I started to make my way back. Wow, what an incredible run! I was pacing nicely and my heart rate was in check. I was really feeling good and I knew this was what I truly love about running… how free I felt and how lucky I was that I could do this. The last part of my run, I was singing (something I do when I run). I felt so comfortable running alone. At moments like this, I truly love being a solorunner. Thanks for reading.

Now go out and RUN!


24 February 2009

Getting Your Step Back and Lesson Learned

Getting Your Step Back (by SoloRunner): For the past four weeks my training has been a hit and miss. I have been sick, and nothing is worst than trying to train for an event and have a little or no energy at all. As I have seen on twitter, a lot of runners continue to train even if they are sick. I often wonder as in any type of recovery, is it best to wait or push? I found that resting is not an option. Even if I take a few days off, and run one or two miles, I still feel as if I am missing something each day that I am not out on the road. Mentally I feel lost and that my day is not complete. Last Saturday’s long run was the first run in the last few weeks that I did not go home and crawl in to bed. It was such an incredible run! It was like running my first 12 miler. I was reminded of how much I was in love with running and how 12 miles was just like that… miles. As I reached two mile marker, and was done fooling around with my water bottle, iPod, etc., I raised my heart rate to a higher range and kept it there. I could not believe how good it felt. With each step I took and to hear my shallow breathing back again, I knew this was going to be good. I could feel that runners high quickly approaching and I knew I was back! So I guess it is all up to what you feel works best for you. Thanks for reading. Now go out and run!

Lesson Learned (by Meechellee): Well, I am the opposite of SoloRunner’s running experience last Saturday. I was miserable because I broke my running rules the night before a long run… I stayed up late, had drinks with friends and wrong choice of carbs. Anyway, my 12 mile run started sluggish and had a sour stomach. I finally got my running groove from mile 6 to 7. Then from mile 8 to 11, it felt like I was wading! This day, I think, was my worst running experience... I was miserable! When I finally saw mile marker 11, I thought of picking up my pace so I waded faster. Whew! I survived my run and finished at 2:06. You think my misery ends here? Nope! I was signed up to participate in Nike’s shoe testing at 2:30 pm that required me run another 3.25 miles. Nike was testing its Nike+ gadget that I had to wear 2 iPods on both of my arms and also 2 wristbands. The first event was a 2 mile run on a flat course and the second event was a mile run uphill. The results showed that I ran an 8:04 pace on the flat course and my uphill run gave me different results: 8:14, 8:21, 9:15. I thought I ran a pretty good pace after running 12 miles 4 hours ago. Nike gave me a $50 gift certificate. After the shoe testing, I was SO glad that my running commitment this day was over. Good run, bad run, otherwise, run on!

16 February 2009

Meet SoloRunner and Meechellee

Thanks for stopping by. I, along with my friend, will be writing about our running and triathlon training as well as other running related topics or not. We are by no means experts, just two chicks who run and live in PDX. So here it goes.

Welcome to my first post. I have been very hesitant to write a blog, more because I speak better then I write. I would rather read someone else’s blog, and there are a lot of good ones out there. So, why am I doing this? I will get back to you because I really don’t know, and I could ramble about this for the next year.

I am a runner and have been for many years. I love to run 10k’s and PR/PB. It is always the runners high that keep me going. I never thought I would run a half-marathon let alone a full one. The feeling you get running towards the finish line is one you’ll never forget. I still remember when I finish my first marathon. I said, “I would never do it again and I meant it!” Not until a friend ask me to run with her on her first marathon. I jumped at the chance to train with her. I am running my 4th marathon in May and thinking, “Why am I doing this?” Some of that feeling may be due to the fact that I am also training for my first Triathlon, and I will talk about that another day. One more thing, in case you’re wondering why I go by SoloRunner, it is because I start to run with a group but ends up running solo. I run with a group for safety purposes, but I run alone in the back of the pack. Get it? Solo Runner. I don’t want to hold anyone back from what they want to accomplish that day. That’s the beauty of running; the only one who counts on you to win is you.

Now go out and run.


Greetings all! I agree with SoloRunner that we are not experts. We are basically just going to share our experiences about running, triathlon training and life in general.

I am going to make my introduction short and sweet. I am from the Philippines living in PDX. I’ve only been running for 3 ½ years. I ran the Portland Marathon in 2006, 2007, 2008, and those same years, I ran half-marathons, Hood to Coast, 10ks, 5ks. I practice ChiRunning®, and I don’t listen to music when I run---I wander. Running not only lead me to living an active life, but it also lead me to meeting new friends and new experiences.

This year, I am training for my first triathlon so, run on!