06 March 2009

Going Home

(by SoloRunner)

Another week of inconsistent running. I did get out and run, however the amount of running and planning for a 15 mile run was not enough. My 105 year old grandmother passed away this past week and so before I knew it I was on a plane heading home. I was dreading the events that were to come because I had not seen some of my family since my dad died almost two years ago and now we would be back together again. As we all gathered to celebrate her life, I was reminded of what an incredible woman she was and how she played a large part in influencing who I am. I will miss her dearly, but I am comforted by those familiar words: “the best gift someone can leave you is the memories you create with them.” I also took this time to clear my head about the direction my life is going. My brother drove me to Santa Cruz, a place I truly love and where I have so many great memories. I lived there for 10 years and before my kids came along, it was the best 10 years of my life. Being back seeing old friends and hanging at the beach is so magical for me. When I got to Santa Cruz, I dropped my bags off at the hotel and took off for a run. I was so excited to see the place I loved so much! I ran down that old familiar road and memories of days spent on that beach rushed to me like waves coming on shore. It was a beautiful day. Friday came along and I started to contemplate running my 15 miles and I thought of every reason not to run. I decided to take a walk down to Capitola and thought about all the reasons I should wait. The first thought that came to mind in support of why I should run: I already told my twitter friends I would be running 15 on Saturday! I also thought about my friends in Oregon who would be doing their long runs. Friday night I still did not have a plan. Saturday morning came and I woke up and it hit me. So I headed out and before I knew it I was at the beach and I could feel that feeling of the old days when I was back then a Solorunner. Lots of other runners were on the road. At about 1.5 miles, I came up to east cliff where a lot of surfers catch their waves. As I got to mile 3, I encountered a group of cyclists and as I ran by they smiled and went on their way. I then saw my old stomping grounds: Crows Nest, Sea Bright brewery and the boardwalk. I ran down the old train tracks and up towards the roller coaster. I soon found myself at mile 6 and I could see the place I use to live and started up the hill to run along the coast line and remembered that Lance Armstrong was just here. At mile 7.5 I started to make my way back. Wow, what an incredible run! I was pacing nicely and my heart rate was in check. I was really feeling good and I knew this was what I truly love about running… how free I felt and how lucky I was that I could do this. The last part of my run, I was singing (something I do when I run). I felt so comfortable running alone. At moments like this, I truly love being a solorunner. Thanks for reading.

Now go out and RUN!



  1. Sorry for your loss! I had a rough year with loss in 2008. Glad you were able to celebrate her life and remember all the good memories!

    I'm a NorCal native too...Santa Cruz is a fun place. That was my go-to beach in college (went to UCD).

  2. Sorry to hear about your grandmother passing. It is wonderful that she reached 105 years of age, longevity must run in your family.

    I had no idea you were from California. I a native, born and raised in L.A. Well, I suppose your next trip here we might meet. Peter and I are still planning another trip to Oregon. :-)

  3. Lovely post, SoloRunner.

  4. So sorry about your grandmother.

    Santa Cruz!!! I used to live in Felton and we hung out in Santa Cruz all the time. Sniff sniff, sweet memories. Boy, do I miss Ca. Thanks for making me smile a bit today.