16 February 2009

Meet SoloRunner and Meechellee

Thanks for stopping by. I, along with my friend, will be writing about our running and triathlon training as well as other running related topics or not. We are by no means experts, just two chicks who run and live in PDX. So here it goes.

Welcome to my first post. I have been very hesitant to write a blog, more because I speak better then I write. I would rather read someone else’s blog, and there are a lot of good ones out there. So, why am I doing this? I will get back to you because I really don’t know, and I could ramble about this for the next year.

I am a runner and have been for many years. I love to run 10k’s and PR/PB. It is always the runners high that keep me going. I never thought I would run a half-marathon let alone a full one. The feeling you get running towards the finish line is one you’ll never forget. I still remember when I finish my first marathon. I said, “I would never do it again and I meant it!” Not until a friend ask me to run with her on her first marathon. I jumped at the chance to train with her. I am running my 4th marathon in May and thinking, “Why am I doing this?” Some of that feeling may be due to the fact that I am also training for my first Triathlon, and I will talk about that another day. One more thing, in case you’re wondering why I go by SoloRunner, it is because I start to run with a group but ends up running solo. I run with a group for safety purposes, but I run alone in the back of the pack. Get it? Solo Runner. I don’t want to hold anyone back from what they want to accomplish that day. That’s the beauty of running; the only one who counts on you to win is you.

Now go out and run.


Greetings all! I agree with SoloRunner that we are not experts. We are basically just going to share our experiences about running, triathlon training and life in general.

I am going to make my introduction short and sweet. I am from the Philippines living in PDX. I’ve only been running for 3 ½ years. I ran the Portland Marathon in 2006, 2007, 2008, and those same years, I ran half-marathons, Hood to Coast, 10ks, 5ks. I practice ChiRunning®, and I don’t listen to music when I run---I wander. Running not only lead me to living an active life, but it also lead me to meeting new friends and new experiences.

This year, I am training for my first triathlon so, run on!



  1. WOOHOO ladies!!!

    Wonderful idea and I will look forward to reading!!! I will put you on my blog roll! Is that OK????

  2. Hey, guys! Welcome to the blogosphere! I'm a triathlete training for her second season. I look forward to following your all's journies.

    Take care!

    - Lora (ironmountaineer)

  3. Yay! So excited you two have started your own blog! Hope you will enjoy blogging. Just of think of it like tweeting, except you are no longer limited to 140 chars. ;-) If you need any blogging pointers or resources, don't hesitate to ask. :)

    Good luck with your new blog & training endeavors! You two make a great team.

  4. yay, I found you 2. Looking forward to following your journey.

  5. Hey you two, congratulations on getting into the whole blogging thing. With longer posts we'll get more information about your training. Looking forward to watching you egg each other on.

  6. Christopher Franz18 February, 2009 10:31

    Very cool

  7. Heck yeah!!! PDX runner chicks rock!!! I'm excited to run in Eugene with you guys!

  8. Hi you two!

    I see that SoloRunner found our group blog. This is Charlie.

    I'll add your miles on Monday or Tuesday! Great to have you on board!

    Charlie (cewtwo)