03 April 2011

Drop Bag - Race for the Roses 2011

I've ran quite a few races that I avoided to use the Drop Bag section because more likely than not, they are unorganized but not for this year's Race for the Roses race organizers. I was very impressed at how organized their Drop Bag section was (see photo below).
This is how they did it - print 2 labels of the same number. (1) the volunteer gives you a numbered label that you'll stick on the back of your bib. (2) the volunteer peels and stick the same number that was given to you and stick it on a reusable paper bag where you put your stuff in. (3) the volunteer takes your bag and line them up according to your number.

It was a breeze leaving our stuff this morning!

I am raving about Race for the Roses's Drop Bag process because in most races, runners have to line up at a table to get a plastic bag and write their bib number on the plastic bag. Because they only provice a few markers on the table, runners have to wait in line for a while until the runners in front of them were done. With Race for the Roses, they already printed 2 labels with same numbers (not your bib number) - give you one and you take the other and Voila! You're off to do your pre-race business!

Kudos to Race for the Roses race organizers this year for their Drop Bag process because it was fast and green!

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