07 January 2010

Two Oh Nine Recap

Even though 2009 felt like it came and gone, it surely left me memories that made me smile, laugh, shake my head, sigh, roll my eyes...

New Year's Eve...  5K The First Run and Walk.  It was a fun way to start the New Year with hubby Glenn, @SoloRunner, Kathy and Chris.  There was a pre-race karaoke party.  Of course, I sang!  Dancing Queen that is.  It was cold, rainy and a little windy.  I finished at 28:25 and a PR for me.  What a way to start 2009!

Three.15...  15K Shamrock Run.  Me, hubby, Kathy and Chris.  Hubby was having trouble with the traffic so he didn't start until 20 minutes after me and friends crossed the start line.  He still beat me though even though I crossed the finish line before he did.  It was cold, rainy, and really windy.  I finished at 1:33:29.  A new PR for me for this distance.

Four.5...  Race for the Roses Half-Marathon.  My birthday run with Kathy.  Hubby has broken his foot by walking through a dumb bell lying on the floor.  Uggh!!  He didn't run though he cheered us on.  It was coolish but it wasn't raining.  I met @bicoastalite for the second time and she paced @dunlapa.  I finished at 2:10:40 and a PR for me. After the race, I had a birthday brunch with family and friends at Simpatica Dining Hall.

Five.3...  Eugene Half-Marathon.  Me, @SoloRunner, Nancy and Kathy.  Hubby and Hayden cheered us on.  I met @smellycents and @Monayes the day before the race at Steelhead Brewery.  The weather was cold and, of course, rainy.  I finished at 2:08:19 and a PR for me.

Five.30...  Newport Marathon (Oregon).  Me, @SoloRunner, Kathy, Nancy and Sherrie.  We met @ginaharris1 at the start line.  I was overly dressed and had to toss my tights by mile 10 because I felt hot.  Seeing my hubby past the 25 mile marker made me want to cry for joy because I was miserable after mile 16.  I finished at 5:05:14.  No PR for me this time.

Six.13...  Blue Lake Triathlon (Tri-It Novice).  To sign up for this was @SoloRunner's idea.  I didn't really train for this event.  Hubby's foot was healed so, I drafted him to train with me swimming in an open lake the week before the event.  Hubby decided to sign up since he was training with me anyway.  I placed 91/92 in swimming, 85/92 in biking, and 35/92 in running.  Thank goodness, I'm a runner!  I finished 69/92 at 1:46:00.  I haven't decided yet when I'll sign up for my next triathlon.

Eight.30...  Hood to Coast Team Swif Justice (hubby's firm's team).  Hubby, Kathy and I were Van 2 runners.  I've ran with Team Swift Justice since 2006.  I ran the same legs as in 2008: 7, 19 and 31.  I am the first runner of Van 2.  First leg was really hot, second leg was really dark and still hot, and the last leg was rainy.

Nine.20...  5K Race for the Cure.  Hubby and stepdaughter were supposed to be running but they were under the weather so, I ended up running by myself wearing three chips on my ankle.  It wasn't raining this time, just coolish.  The funny thing is that my official race time did not register and showed "N/A."  How ironic that my time was N/A when I was the one who ran it.  The official times for the two chips were 27:38 and 27:39 but my Garmin said 27:00.  Oh well, I still PR'd it.

Ten.4...  Portland Marathon.  Hubby and I ran it.  At the expo, I got a 4:40 finish time pace wristband and decided to stick with the splits religiously.  At mile 7, I had to take care of a blister on the ball of my right foot so I stopped at an aid station and put band aid on it.  Well, I forgot my hydration bottle at the aid station so I had to run back to recover it.  The weather was perfect even though it drizzled from time to time.  Hubby and my in-laws were surprised when I came in sooner than they had expected.  I finished at 4:49:14 and my total distance was 26.6.

Ten.11...  Bizz Johnson Trail Marathon.  Hubby wasn't sure whether he was able to run Portland Marathon due to work conflicts.  He didn't want to waste all the training he did so, he asked me whether I'll sign up for this one.  I replied, "Sure, what the heck."  I knew that this will be a challenging one so I brought my camera with me and took a lot of pictures.  The course altitude is 4,200' - 5,600'.  The temperature was 29 when we started and by the time I finished, it was 70.  We met @ginaharris for dinner the night before and at the start line.  Oh... I wished and shook Alanis Morisette's hand at the start line.  Alanis was really nice.  Anway, I finished at 5:56:24.  No PR for me but it was a humbling experience after running a marathon a week before.

Many thanks to my hubby, family, friends, and twiends for the support this year.  And THAT's how I rolled in 2009!



  1. Wow! Back to back marathons. You sure rocked 2009!

  2. I'm running the Newport Marathon in June (my first) and I'm wondering if there are a couple of places along the course for spectators to watch from. Seems like there aren't many roads in and out of the area once you get in around the bay.

    Good luck on your 2010 races.